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archive | 16.11.2017 - 21.05. 2018

Death & Ritual

Death & Ritual

Cultures of farewell and remembrance

One thing in life is certain: its end. We know that we have to die and that loved ones have to die. As long as there were humans, they have tried to give meaning to death and to relieve the pain of parting.
The prehistoric burial ground of Niederkaina near Bautzen has been archaeologically studied for many decades. Here it was possible to reconstruct parts of the elaborate death ritual. The exhibition "TOD & RITUAL" takes the graves of Niederkaina as a starting point for a journey through funeral and commemoration rituals in the world. Examples from archeology, ethnology and history reveal a surprising diversity in dealing with death. The focus is on actions and ideas that recur over long geographic and temporal distances and in different religious contexts.
Confronted with actions that we might find strange or even weird, we can ask ourselves what is important to us, what we are afraid of and what gives us hope.

In addition, a catalogue is published which contains numerous contributions by recognized specialists. The authors approach the topic of "Dealing with Death" from various cultural, historical and social research perspectives.

Picture shows the Death & Ritual exhibition marketing image: a flower skull

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