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Archaeology in Saxony

The Archaeological Heritage Service is a state-owned enterprise in the portfolio of the Saxon Ministry for Science and Art. The foundation of its work is the Monument Conservation act of Saxony. It performs a large number of services: Specialist authority, research facility, institution for preserving culture and museum.

The Nation Heritage Services activities include the research of archaeological heritage of Saxony, its documentation, preservation and dissemination. This includes the protection and maintenance of more than 13.000 monuments as well as securing the results of investigation and the finds in the central depository in Dresden.

In the field of the transfer of knowledge, the State Museum of Archaeology as part of the Archaeological Heritage Service plays a key role. The general public is especially aware of those excavations which are carried out before construction works. They reach from small-scale sections on individual plots to kilometers of paths and areas of several hectares situated in the brown coal surface mining.

In cooperation with various national and international university institutes and research departments, the results are evaluated by the scientists at the Archaeological Heritage Service. The results are presented to the public either in publications and exhibitions or on the occasion of the Open Monuments day,

More information under: www.archaeologie.sachsen.de (Website in German)



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