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Services and regulations


Exhibition texts
All exhibition texts are in German and English.

Audio guides
Our audio guides are suitable for hearing-aid users and are included in the admission price. They are available in German, English and Czech.

Left-luggage lockers
Lockers for storing bags, rucksacks, cases, and coats or jackets are available in various sizes and at various heights in the foyer. They require a deposit of a € 2 coin. For security reasons, after the museum closes we open those lockers which are still in use and keep the contents in our lost property office.

Lost property
Have you forgotten or lost something at the museum? Please call us on
+49 371 911 999 91 to ask if your property has been found.

Regulations for visitors

  • You are permitted to take photographs in the exhibition without flash or tripod.
  • We wish all our visitors to be able to enjoy their visit to the smac. Therefore, using mobile phones in the exhibition is not permitted.
  • Please do not touch the objects in the exhibition.
  • Please do not take any food or drink into the exhibition.
  • Please leave all bags and rucksacks larger than A4 format (approx. 30 x 20 cm) in the lockers located in the foyer.
Download the complete rules and regulations for visitors, 0,11 MB
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