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archive | 27.05. - 30.12.2016


Sometimes you actually can do without money. Often the main objectives of trading are to make new friends or to tie family connections. This applies equally to Christmas gifts and to trading cards on the schoolyard or shell bracelets in the Pacific Islands. As soon as money comes into play, the rules are changing. What is money actually? How is it created? What forms can it take? And above all of course: how is its value established?


With wit and profundity the exhibition shows how money has become what it is today. It presents very old and very new money, very small and very large, valuable and worthless (!) money – and by doing so it reminds on many crises, into which money has plunged us or from which had not found a way out without money.


Exhibition texts in English are available as a brochure at the museum’s ticket desk.


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